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Men, it's time to face the hard truth.

Your struggle to grasp feminine energy is holding you back from experiencing truly fulfilling relationships with women.
It's not just about enjoying the connection; it's about rising to the occasion.

Imagine what could be if you mastered the art of cooperation with her.

Think of her as your ally in building your empire, but only if you learn to support, soothe, and communicate with her effectively.



If you truly comprehended her essence, if you harnessed that skill, she would be your unwavering supporter, your dream's fiercest advocate.

It's high time you delve into the depths of the feminine mystique. Get to know what makes women tick. This isn't just about you or her—it's about forging a partnership that's potent and transformative.

Step up, learn, and evolve. Only then can you unlock the kind of connection you've been yearning for—one that's enriching, dynamic, and, above all, reciprocal.

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21 Questions to Potential Partners

This cheat sheet is a list of topics to be discussed when talking to prospective partners. It's good to have an idea of what you want and to discuss those things up front.

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How to Support a Jealous Partner

Explore practical strategies and compassionate approaches to supporting a jealous partner. Delve into the roots of jealousy, learn effective communication techniques, that strengthen your relationship. 

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The Foundations of Kingdom Building

Open Relating expert teaches the essential principles and strategies to create and nurture your own community or network, in this 3 part master class.

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Some Client Gratitude ✨

Here are some lovely words from some of the amazing beings I've worked with!

"I fired my therapist because I was seeing greater progress coaching with Sanu. I would tell any man who is mentally ready for this - who's ready to live a happier life - to do this [program]. I would say this is perfect for any man looking to face his demons and finally grow up. She is amazing at what she does. Truly a king-maker." 

Marc Sheppard

12-Month Kingdom Client

"You are amazing at what you do and truly are invested in helping, not just doing a job. You really portray a feeling of care, and in turn, a safe space. Truly the best I've ever understood my past traumas and how they are revealing themselves today, in so many dimensions. Thank you for welcoming my little boy to finally express himself. I appreciate you!

Brandon Johnson

3-Month Kingdom Client

"This has been a crazy few weeks. Looking at myself even a month ago, I see myself completely differently now. I used to always think I wasn't doing enough, I always would doubt myself, but it's become easy to take on the mindset that I can do, be, and have whatever I desire. Thank you, Sanu!

Nathan Ohene

2-Month Kingdom Client

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