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An Initiation for Leaders Building Their Empires

Poly-Leader is a group for...

  • Leaders¬†who are looking to learn more¬†tools to powerfully manage their life and¬†relationships
  • Leaders looking to cultivate harmony in their¬†community
  • Individuals¬†looking to discover and craft¬†their leadership style¬†to fill the void of leadership in¬†their¬†household¬†
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We're in the business of cultivating conscious leaders committed to addressing the African-American relationship dysfunction and elevating emotional intelligence in our communities.



Accountability Group Coaching for Leaders Managing their Households

We don't have to wait for Utopia. Strong communities can be built today. 

Community happens when leaders take responsibility for creating harmony in their homes that will survive generations, heal the planet, and create more environments where our people feel strong and supported. 

It's time to heal the dysfunction in black communities and households.

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Goal Setting and Tracking

With our structured approach to goal setting and tracking, you can visualize your objectives, measure your progress, and stay aligned with your vision for your community.

Group Accountability

You don't lack discipline, you lack community. We'll ensure you stay on course, benefiting from the collective motivation and feedback of peers who genuinely want to see you excel. Together, we create an environment where commitments are honored, and achievements celebrated.

Craft your Unique Style of Leadership

What are your talents, what are your passions, where do you live, and who can you collaborate with to build community? All these things shape your unique style of leadership. Let's build your leader archetype and profile!

Let's Build your Empire

Noble Ward¬†and Sanu Stevens are both Progressive Love‚ĄĘÔłŹ coaches, certified in feminine-empowerment and masculine-empowerment coaching respectively. With¬†almost 2 decades of¬†study and experience between them supporting Chosen Women, and Actualized Men¬†in the emotional, spiritual, and managerial journey of¬†Queendom and Kingdom¬†building.¬†

"I fired my therapist after we started coaching because I had made so much more progress with Sanu. She's truly amazing at what she does. "

Demarco Sheppard

"Noble is an exceptional human and relationship coach.  He has completely changed my interactions with coworkers, friends, and lovers with his calm demeanor and ability to empathize reflected by his vast understanding of conflict resolution, love languages, and true intimacy.  "


Chelsea Budde

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  • Access to Weekly Accountability Calls

  • Relevant Guest Speakers¬†Every Month

  • Access¬†to the #Leader-Log¬†Community Forum

  • Goal Setting and Accountability Group Coaching
  • A Peer¬†Group of Motivated Individuals of Like-Mind
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  • Access to Weekly Accountability Calls

  • Relevant Guest Speakers¬†Every Month

  • Access¬†to the #Leader-Log¬†Community Forum

  • Goal Setting and Accountability Group Coaching
  • Access to¬†Professional¬†Guidance
  • A Peer¬†Group of Motivated Individuals of Like-Mind
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